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Video Editing in San Diego
Do you need to edit a corporate video, a video game trailer, or a behind-the-scenes documentary? Are you looking for a trusted creative expert to handle your large or small volume editing needs?

Do you need video editing services for a corporate video, a game trailer, or a behind-the-scenes documentary? Are you looking for a trusted creative expert to handle your large or small volume editing needs? The award-winning team at HVS-Sloan offers some of the best video editing services in San Diego. With over 40 years of experience with companies like ESPN, HBO, NBC, and more, we are fully-equipped to cover your custom video editing needs.

Video Editing Services

Our video editing San Diego based crew has decades of experience, allowing us to complete your project quickly, accurately, and with professional polish. From underwater imagery to corporate speeches, we can take your unique footage and transform it into engaging, descriptive content that represents your brand or concept. Our video editing services are detailed below:

-In-House Editing Solutions
-On-Location Editing
-Corporate Video Editing
-Commercial Editing
-Archival Compilations
-Documentary Editing
-Aerial Videography and Editing
-Video Editing for Live Events

In-House Editing Solutions

HVS-Sloan provides both in-house and on-location editing solutions. Our in-house edit bay allows you to come in, settle into the comforts of home, get organized, and make magic happen. Once we have your desired length, project objectives, and style guide, we get to work in the studios. We use our advanced in-house editing technology to transform your footage, adding creative angles, titles, music, and seamless transitions to engage the viewer. Take a look at some of our recent projects, or read how our award-winning Director of Post Production guides our editing efforts.


On-Location Editing

Our shoot-edit solutions include a production crew and an on-site editing facility. The “edit-while-you-shoot” technique is a unique offering; it requires attention to detail, organization, and specialized software that not all video editing companies in San Diego can provide. On-location editing allows for a quick turnaround, giving the producer the ability to multitask while supervising the edit. This approach ensures that the producer has all the content they need before ever leaving the set. It is an efficient and effective way to condense production time but must be coordinated carefully. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about this offering and whether it’s right for your upcoming project.


Corporate Video Editing

Corporate video editing doesn’t have to be predictable or dry. HVS-Sloan has experience with some of the world’s most notable corporations, including Ford, HP, and BP. Our video editing skills are instrumental in distilling a company’s message and translating it in an engaging way. We’ve created a diverse range of company profiles, product features, training material, video for live events, awards of recognition, archival projects, social media, content, and TV commercials for some of San Diego’s best organizations. Regardless of the content or industry, we find a way to make each message memorable through dynamic shots, inspiring music, and unexpected details. Industries we’ve worked with include:


-Marketing firms
-Financial organizations
-Fortune 500 Companies
-Technology and Biomedical corporations
-Real Estate teams
-Hospitality and Tourism boards
-International and National event organizations
-Regional conferences

Have a big corporate occasion coming up? A teaser video, footage of a live event, or short documentary piece may be the perfect communication tool to share your story. Get in touch to brainstorm ideas that will bring your corporate production needs to life.


Commercial Video Editing

Video commercials are an increasingly effective way to spread awareness and influence customers across San Diego and beyond. With just a few clicks, potential clients can access your media through streaming video services, news sites, e-commerce, emails, and more. Make your impressions last by serving high-quality video content that engages your audience. We specialize in creating web-optimized video content to ensure that your message looks and plays beautifully on any device, like this piece we created for Speedo. When editing your commercial video, we’ll pay special attention to factors like length, key messaging, optimization for the media outlet, recent trends, and brand identity. Our commercial video editing services in San Diego include:

-Conceptualization and storyboarding
-Production planning
-Filming, production, and editing
-Post production services

Archival Compilations

Sifting through hundreds of hours of footage to find shots that succinctly tell your story? Let us help! Once your vision is established, we will unearth the clips and imagery that bring your story to life in an efficient and impactful way. Our video editing team in San Diego has mastered the art of going through old VHS tapes, reel-to-reel films, digital files, and interviews to find the “golden nuggets.” Our in-house production team is also adept at re-mastering old video and audio, ensuring that it’s the best possible quality for today’s media players. We have the video editing techniques and know-how to take decades-old film and translate it into content that matters in today’s context.


Documentary Video Editing

HVS-Sloan specializes in video editing for documentaries. In fact, our hard-working team has won awards for their work for clients like ESPN, Nature, and National Geographic. Our depth of experience in the industry means that we can compose work for both short and long feature documentary projects. Whether it’s condensing down interviews, selecting aerial shots, or editing archival clips, our San Diego video editing team has the skills to artfully tell each story.


If you’d like to discuss video editing for a documentary project, contact us here.


Aerial Videography Editing

Aerial videography can bring a whole new perspective to your message. However, with several minutes or even hours of drone footage to choose from, editing down aerial shots can be a daunting task. As experienced aerial video editors, it’s our job to identify the angles and sequences that make the biggest impact. Our very own Marty Zimmerman was a pioneer in this field. His award-winning film, “San Diego Above All,” showcases the best of our home town. Having built San Diego’s first gyro-stabilized HD aerial camera system, he heads up our drone department with unparalleled qualifications. View our Drone Demo for a look at some amazing airborne shots.

Video Filming and Editing for Live Events

Whether your live event takes place over several hours or several days, HVS-Sloan can transform your footage into a concise and clear reel that highlights the key moments of the affair. From capturing the best of keynote speeches to documenting guests’ reactions, editing down video from live events is a time-consuming and skilled art. At HVS-Sloan, we find ways to translate the details of the venue and atmosphere within seconds of a skillfully-edited clip. In fact, we’ve provided video editing for Comic Con, one of San Diego’s biggest and most complex events.

“I’ve worked with Jeff Landie and his team at HBO’s annual trip to cover Comic-Con for many years, most recently for Game of Thrones & Westworld, and have always had a first class terrific experience.  Jeff is creative, diligent, energetic, and a real pleasure to work with. I’ve always found that Jeff’s footage is perfect – he always covers all the angles and provides me and my editor with top-notch footage.” Rob Stein, HBO

Customized Video Content for Events

HVS-Sloan executes video editing services for a wide range of live events in San Diego. As video content increases in popularity, we have grown our offerings in this field. Below are a few of the popular use cases for video in live events:

Trade show content: Interactive video content for booth displays, show reels, and product demos. Content can be optimized for monitors, tablets, or customized displays. May include audio or be designed without.

User Group Conferences: We create video compilations to be shown on monitors in entry ways, before keynote speakers, or as an example to show clients what to expect at an upcoming user group conference. Product demos and release highlights also feature well on video compilations.

Stakeholder Gatherings: Share the year’s key highlights and earnings in a succinct and effective video. It can also be utilized to showcase the company’s culture or philanthropic efforts.

Festivals and Conferences: Condense down days of events and thousands of visitors into two minutes of content that highlights the best and brightest. Can be used to create interest for next year’s event, or to raise funds from donors and commercial sponsors

Sporting Competitions: Play-by-play highlights of the game, simultaneous narratives, and a competitive ambiance can all be showcased using montage and other video editing techniques.

Milestone Events: Celebrate a city’s history or company anniversary with a compilation video, enriched with interviews and archival footage where possible.

Behind-the-scenes Action: Show your clients the efforts leading up to the big day, or the interesting details that have gone into producing the live event over the last several months.

Concerts and Performances: Distill musical and theatrical performances into a short piece that relates the tone and creativity of the work.

Video Trailers

A compelling trailer is key to drumming up excitement for an upcoming event, documentary, or feature-length film. In fact, some viewers get to theaters early to ensure they catch the latest and greatest previews. But, video editing for trailers is a complex undertaking; finding the right balance of mystery and exposition is central to an effective teaser. HVS-Sloan’s San Diego video editing team can put together the right cuts and cliffhangers to peak your audience’s interest and keep them wanting more. And, video trailers aren’t just for feature-length films; they are effective tools in corporate messaging and event advertising campaigns.  

Video Editing - Technical Services

Our experienced team has deep technical knowledge of a range of editing techniques and processes. Our in-house Post Production Manager guides each editing project from start to finish, working with the producer and client to execute a seamless and highly-polished result. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the technical video editing capacities we offer at HVS-Sloan.

Post-Production Services

The “post-production” process refers to any work done to video content after it has been filmed. This may include editing the audio, balancing light and color, adding subtitles, transitions, and special effects. In a world where most laptops come equipped with rudimentary video editing software, professional video editors in San Diego are set apart by the precision of their tools and skills. Advanced post-production techniques are what differentiate high-end video editing companies from their mainstream counterparts.


Frame-by-Frame Editing

The HVS-Sloan post-production team works on a frame-by-frame level; this attention to detail may go unnoticed by the average viewer, but it makes a world of difference. Balancing skin tones, editing audio levels, and smoothing out rocky transitions can mean the difference between a refined message and a mediocre result. Contact us to learn more about our full suite of post-production video editing services.


Branding and Stylization

Ensure that your video’s look and feel is on-brand by working with HVS-Sloan. Our video editing team will work to match your organization’s colors, fonts, messaging, logos, and overall presentation. The final result is a video with professional polish that elevates any surrounding marketing materials. Not sure about the right style for your project? Consult our video editing professionals in San Diego for guidance on tone, content, and brand adherence, or take a look at our past projects for inspiration.


File Formatting and Web-Optimization

HVS-Sloan ensures that your video project is produced to the specifications required by the media outlets it will be played on. From web, mobile, desktop, large-scale projection, TV monitors, tablets, or custom-sized video displays, we are adept at formatting content for a wide array of digital and film outlets. Whether your web designer is using dynamic or “lazy load” principles for your site, your video will be compressed and finalized to play smoothly for each visitor.


Our Approach - From Concept to Creation

No two projects are the same; we treat each video editing project with a unique attitude and attention to detail. Some clients approach us with a fully-formed concept of what they want to achieve, while others seek our guidance and direction. Whether it’s your first time using video editing services in San Diego or not, HVS-Sloan has the skills and know-how to collaborate with you and your team the ideal tailor-made solution. View a full list of our services or head to our blog for more insight into our process.


Full Service Video Production Services for San Diego

If you need support beyond video editing, contact us to discuss your project. We offer full service video production including:

-Consultation; from concept to execution
-Multi-camera filming and audio capture
-Advanced digital and drone cameras
-Live event production
-Staged interviews
-Filming for scripted commercials
-Recommendations on best practices, techniques, and artistic concepts
-Post-production editing and branding
-Digitization and file editing for websites and social media
-Underwater, outdoor, and aerial photography and videography

Awards and Accolades

The members of HVS-Sloan have been awarded and recognized for our work in television, documentary, and the private sector. We are proud to be one of the best video editing crews in San Diego and hold the below awards:

-3 National Emmy Awards
-5 Regional Emmy Awards
-28 Telly Awards
-Over 7 industry awards including a Peabody Award
-Recognition from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

What Our Clients Have to Say

Over the last several years, we’ve worked to establish a reputation for the best video editing services in San Diego; our numerous client testimonials show our commitment to hard work. Whether we’re working on-site with your staff, collaborating with voice over talent during post-production, or brainstorming with executives in the boardroom, HVS-Sloan puts the customer experience first. With over three decades of experience in the industry, our seasoned staff will become members of your team, working seamlessly alongside you to get the job done.

“It’s really refreshing to have a DP [director of photography] who picks up on my excitement and not only runs with it but adds to it.” -Yaron Desalko, ESPN

Planning Your Project

In order to lay out the details of your video project, it’s helpful to consider a few key questions. The below list of considerations can help you establish a rough framework or concept for your piece:

-Do you have a brand or style guideline we’ll need to follow?
-What is the desired length of the final piece?
-Where will it be played? On multiple different formats?
-What’s the desired look and feel?
-Will you need titles or subtitles?
-What kinds of different media will be included? Animations? Stills? Interviews?
-What’s your timeline?
-Editing Techniques - A Short Glossary  

Before we dive into your project, below is a short glossary of key editing terms you may hear from our team members:

-Aerial Videography- Video shot from an airplane or drone
-Camera Setup- The format and aspect ratio of the footage
-Cut- A segment of video or one version of an edited piece
-Cross Cutting- Quickly moving between different scenes to imply activity occurring at the same time
-Cutaway- A shot placed within a continuously filmed scene. Usually shows a different angle.
-Data Rate- How quickly data is transferred in bytes per second
-Drone Photography- Photography or videography shot with a UAS or UAV camera
-DSLR- A single-lens reflex camera that uses a digital imaging sensor
-Establishing Shot- The clip that shows the viewers where and when the scene is taking place
-Eye Line- The angle at which the interviewee’s eyes meet the camera
-J Cut- Audio is played before viewers can see the shot
-Jump Cut- Video is edited to leave out sections of the action
-L Cut- Audio from one scene may be played during a different visual part of the film
-Matched Cut- Two shots are joined by similar visual elements
-Montage- a sequence or combination of similar or juxtaposing shots
-Post-production: Any edits made to a video or audio after it is filmed. Can include audio or visual edits.
-Rough Cut- The “first draft” of a video piece
-Web-optimization- Content that is sized and designed to play on the internet, including on a mobile or desktop device.
-White Balance - the overall coloring of a video

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