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Get a new perspective on your event, facility, destination or property with a view from above. Utilizing the latest in drone video technology, we capture footage that rises above the rest.

Get a new perspective! Whether it’s an event, facility, destination, or property, we can provide you with a view from above. Utilizing the latest in drone video technology, we capture footage that rises above the rest. Our clients have described our work as “knowledgeable,” possessing a “keen creative eye,” and setting the “standard for perfection.” Our drones can provide you with top-quality photos and videos that will entice viewers and provide the one-of-a-kind viewpoint you need.

Whether it's for corporate video, an event or sporting venue, a resort, destination or real estate property tour, we have the tools and expertise to complement your overall production with captivating aerial footage. Our approach is always customized to meet your needs. We’re prepared to handle everything from the informative to the imaginative. We use the very latest UAS/UAV or drone aerial videography and photography technology for capturing incredibly smooth, crystal clear aerials. The footage speaks for itself.

What is UAS/UAV?
UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and refers to the aircraft itself. On the other hand, UAS stands for Unmanned Aerial System. The difference is that UAS includes the ground control and communication units. Simply put, when you hear the media or someone talking about a “drone,” they are usually referring to a UAV. UAS is all-encompassing and includes everything that makes it operate; as such, this term is more commonly used with reference to more advanced unmanned aircraft and generally in military contexts. For most in the general public, you can simply understand that these are technical terms for what is commonly known as a “drone.”

Aerial or drone video production is often associated with outdoor use. While it is true that this can be a great way to get jaw-dropping views of properties and events, it isn’t all drones can do. We are finding that using a drone indoors is proving to be a marked advantage for capturing never before possible shots and perspectives. For large indoor spaces, the aerial perspective allows for very smooth shots and camera paths never before imaginable. Some of the indoor spaces where we’ve found this perspective especially impactful include, factory floors, plant tours, and tracking shots as actors move through a space.


We are an FAA Approved operator of drone/UAS systems, operating under the part 107 exemption. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can integrate aerial drone video capture and photography into your next production.


At HVS Sloan Communications, we offer high-quality video productions. Not even the sky is the limit with our state of the art video productions and drone videos. From Telly Awards to Regional Emmy Awards to National Emmy Awards and more, we have the credentials and experience to back us up when we say that we’re the best. You can check out the full list of our awards here. OR just go ahead and view some of our previous projects for yourself by checking out or screening room. Our VP of Aerial and Drone Production, Marty Zimmerman, built and operated San Diego’s first gyro-stabilized HD aerial camera system and shot the award-Winning “San Diego Above All.” With Marty heading our drone department, we’re confident we can deliver exactly the footage you’re looking for. He is a licensed pilot and also holds an FAA “Type 107”* license for drone operation.

Our drone video services can make it significantly easier to achieve your goals. Instead of hassling with the difficulties of traditional real estate photography, aerial views and drone videography allow you to easily capture a viewpoint of the property that is both accurate and awe-inspiring. This also applies to construction projects. If you’re looking to track progress on construction in San Diego, aerial photography can assist you in documenting the process, whether for your own records or any building inspections. If you’re wanting to capture those special moments, our drone videos can provide that one of a kind bird’s eye view that will depict the full size and scale of your event. No matter what you’re looking to capture, there’s no doubt that our aerial videography and photography services can elevate your images to another level.


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